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senyum-senyum sendiri baca ini.
sayangnya saya cuman bisa ngimpi jadi cewek idealnya idola saya.
sigh -___-


Tipe cewek ideal Junsu

1. Gak suka cewek yang terlalu suka berlebihan
2. Gak suka cewek yang berdandan sangat special buat saat2 tertentu
3. Agak sedikit girly (menikmati memasak juga udah cukup)
4. Lebih suka ngabisin waktu bareng JS daripada ama temen2nya.
5. Sopan ama teman2nya.
6. Punya kepribadian yang bagus.
7. Cewek itu punya kepribadian yang tahan banting (mungkin tahan kalo jarang ketemuan n tahan denger gosip2)
8. Periang
9. Cewek yang bisa bikin JS senang
10. Cewek yang aktif
11. Mudah bergaul
12. Cewek yang cocok ama dia.
13. Punya senyum yang indah.
14. Seseorang yang bermoral dan beragama
15. Baik dalam pelajaran (lumayan pandai)
16. Harus punya inner beauty
17. Adorable.
18. Suka menggoda, tapi dengan cara yang imut (bersikap manja ama JS).
19. Cantik
20. Berpengetahuan luas.
21. Punya selera musik
22. Pengertian.
23. Baik dalam olahraga
24. Bisa menyanyi
25. Punya feel artistik
26. Berpikiran…

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JYJ’s Junsu is releasing his first solo album.

Cjes said that Kim Junsu is releasing his first solo album in May. This is his first solo (Korean) album since his debut in 2004. Junsu is going to hold a concert at the Jamsil Stadium on 19th and 20th of May as the start of the promotion, following an Asia tour. Junsu is personally involved in the production of this album and has composed and written lyrics for most of his songs. He will also have songs composed by his fellow members.

The concept of the album will be released through Youtube and Facebook.
From late May till July, he is going on a promotion tour around Asia in six cities: Thailand, Macau, Taiwan, Shanghai, Indonesia, and etc..

At present, he is taking on the role of ‘Death’ in the musical ‘Elizabeth’. His fellow members, Park Yoochun is currently in SBS’…

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oppa~ you make me curious.


Junsu: 체코 까를교 인가?암튼 아름답다~
[TRANS] Is this the Charles Bridge in Czech Republic?Anyway, it’s beautiful~


Junsu: 이건 파리의 브릿지..
[TRANS] This one’s the Bridge of Paris.. 

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“Everyone please remember to participate in the election, and remember to show me proof photos~”

This line in Kim Jaejoong’s twitter was only a start. This tweet from Jaejoong instigated a lot of participation throughout the election day.

On the 11th, fans who accepted Jaejoong’s “voting encouragement” started a game of “voting proof-shots”. And then a fan compiled all the proof photos from JYJ fans into a collage and uploaded it to the internet.

By 2pm Korean time, there were over 300 proof-shots that were uploaded by fans to the internet.

JYJ fans kept commenting things like “JYJ could increase voting participation rate by 1%” and “JYJ public influence” to further encourage other fans to vote.

JYJ member Kim Jaejoong and the fans’ “voting proof-shot” game meant that in the age of Korean SNS, a new voting culture has arise.

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pengen nonton TT^TT
tapi jauh, di Japan…



JYJ Kim Junsu will appear in a charity game in Japan along with FC Men, a celebrity soccer team
According to his company, on the 28th, Kim Junsu will attend an event at the National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.

At present, the appearance of Kim Junsu and other team members was announced at Pia, the ticket site.
The premium tickets of this event which topic is ‘FC MEN FIGHT VOL1’ were sold out on the 3rd and the tickets are being sold at high speed from the 7th.
Meanwhile, in addition to Kim Junsu, many other members of the soccer team will also attend this event.

Credit: OBS News
Translated by: The_little_Pear of JYJ3
Shared by:JYJ3
Please do not add to, alter or remove the credits.

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Junsu oppa~
rambutmu bikin nggak cocok sama senyummu yang lebar.
hahaha >.<




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Junsu’s oppa cats, Leo and Tigger is sooo cute like the owner 😀


ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ❤ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ Kawaii !!!


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