“Everyone please remember to participate in the election, and remember to show me proof photos~”

This line in Kim Jaejoong’s twitter was only a start. This tweet from Jaejoong instigated a lot of participation throughout the election day.

On the 11th, fans who accepted Jaejoong’s “voting encouragement” started a game of “voting proof-shots”. And then a fan compiled all the proof photos from JYJ fans into a collage and uploaded it to the internet.

By 2pm Korean time, there were over 300 proof-shots that were uploaded by fans to the internet.

JYJ fans kept commenting things like “JYJ could increase voting participation rate by 1%” and “JYJ public influence” to further encourage other fans to vote.

JYJ member Kim Jaejoong and the fans’ “voting proof-shot” game meant that in the age of Korean SNS, a new voting culture has arise.

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