if it’s true,
I will be very happy 😀
I like Han Hyo Joo with Jaejoong d(>o<)b
Hyo Joo is sweet,
if Jaejoong looking for a girl to marry,
I will choose her~

*chaos under control*

Pictures of JaeJoong and Han Hyo Joo at Heaven’s Postman party…




[Credit: dnbn]

I’m officially heartbroken. Dang, seeing these pictures really hurts my fragile heart! Jae… WHY?! Looking at them is a major OUCH for me. T_T

Ahhh… I hate myself. I always tell myself to not be jealous on these kinds of situations because it’s “all business” and that Jae has the right to do whatever he wants (and that includes being “close” to any girl he wants). But the fangirl in me just cannot help but cry at the sight of him with other girls. Argh! What to do?! T_T

Ok, I think I just need to look at the bright side. At least he’s being close to a DECENT girl, right? It’s much better than him having anything to do with THAT SOMEONE who I hate so much (I refuse to use the “s****” word but you…

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